In this video we’ll talk about the best wallet for bitcoin and also cover some best security practices in regards to dealing with crypto currency. When choosing a wallet for bitcoin sometimes we think the best option would be the most high tech solution, however using a simple paper wallet is still the most secure way to store your Bitcoin and Altcoins. Below are key notes that you should take away from this video along with a few links.
– Never store your Bitcoin or Altcoins for a long period of time on an exchange, coinbase, cash app or any other 3rd party service.

– When looking for the best wallet for bitcoin or Altcoins there is nothing safer than a Paper Wallet for long term storage (cold storage).

– When using a paper wallet as your wallet for bitcoin you should also look into adding the additional BIP38 encryption to further protect your private key. This will require you to enter a password before being able to scan your private key. If you do use BIP38…


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