This Month’s Top Ethereum News, Innovation & Development – April 2020
In this new regular series Anthony Sassano & I will be going over all the latest innovation, developments, news & exciting projects from the entire Ethereum ecosystem. We will be covering both technical & fundamental aspects as Ethereum, ETH 2.0, decentralised finance, (DeFi), staking, research & adoption of this exciting technology as it begins gaining traction in the real world. With so much innovation in the blockchain & cryptocurrency industry happening on Ethereum this monthly episode will help you stay informed. #Ethereum #Defi #ETH

[0:25] Recap of the latest from Ethereum and DeFi
[2:30] dForce hack
[6:00] The need for Curve, Shell, and mStable
[8:40] DeFi a misnomer
[11:15] Exchanges & DeFi
[16:30] dYdX & Futureswap
[19:10] Loopring & AZTEC’s approach to scalability
[22:50] Managing risk with Hegic & Opyn
[26:20] Options 101
[27:20] Reddit’s Ethereum-based rewards experiment


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