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►What is Vechains token utility that gives it value?
Vechains token Utility model consists of two currencies ($VET & $VTHO), $VTHO is generated via holding $VET with velocity , which is established to allow any user with $VET to make transactions at no extra cost if the user holds the tokens for long enough. In order for the long list of partners to utilize the Vechain blockchain, they need to either 1) Hold the $VET token to generate free $VTHO or 2) buy $VTHO outright.
The majority of big players will choose the first option as in the long run, holding $VET will grow in value & it will cost next to nothing to use the Vechain network when using the free $VTHO being generated.

Vechain is far more than just another cryptocurrency in space. In this video I explain in extensive detail why $VET will be a Trillion dollar cryptocurrency.

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