Watch a demo of CB Digital Seal for SharePoint – a software solution from Connecting Software that allows you to

▹ Make sure no one manipulated your files and that they are tamperproof.

▹ Know there were no changes after the timestamped digital seal.

Find out exactly how you can accelerate your business data compliance and be ready for internal or external audits, in a faster and more cost-effective way than traditional certificates and any other sealing technology.

🔸 What is CB Digital Seal for SharePoint?

CB Digital Seal for SharePoint is the ready-to-use solution for Microsoft SharePoint that allows you to digitally seal the documents you store in SharePoint using Blockchain technology.

This works with virtually any kind of file. You can apply digital seals to:

▹ PDFs and other Documents
▹ Invoices and receipts
▹ Reports
▹ E-mails
▹ Contracts and paychecks
▹ Academic and school documents
▹ Certificates
▹ Machine or…


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