Although always cautiously approaching the concept of uncertainty, Astyanax Kanakakis learned to live and even evolve making the most out of what Uncertainty has to offer. His involvement with blockchain technology became the motive and challenge for him to consider the impact that an application can have as far as even affecting goverments. Is it possible for a technology application to cause uncertainty?

“Block chain” technology, according to Mr. Kanakakis, redefines two key aspects of life that have so far been in state jurisdiction: money and identity. The power of the modern state in the process of identity and financial control seems to be gradually receding. How will central banks and regulators around the world handle the resulting uncertainty?

Astyanax Kanakakis meets us on TEDxPatras 2019 stage to share all the above dilemmas can offer in order to gain a better understanding of Uncertainty.

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