Cybersecurity and blockchain technology share a symbiotic relationship. On one hand, blockchain ecosystems that aren’t secure aren’t useful. On the other hand, blockchain technology unlocks new options for securing systems, infrastructure and more. Join us for a discussion of both sides of the coin: a look back at advances (and missteps) in securing blockchains and a look forward to security applications of blockchain technology


Paul Makowski is the CTO and Co-Founder of PolySwarm, a threat detection marketplace where business get real-time answers on suspect files, IP addresses, URLs & domains from a crowd-sourced network of security experts.

Prior to co-founding PolySwarm, Paul reverse engineered malware and wrote bespoke disinfection tools for Fortune 100 clients. aul holds a patent on detecting exploitation of memory corruption vulnerabilities using symbolic constraints and has two patents pending on XOM as a basis to defeat ASLR defeats as well as a system for…


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