Where is Darwinex going about blockchain?

To be clear, we have no plans to take Darwinex to blockchain yet. We have no clue how to do it.

But there’re elements of our business model which are smart contracts, i.e. “blockchainable”. E.g. the certification of traders’ track record.

But there’s much more.

– We’re all about protecting traders’ IP so they collect fees on their performance. But who vouches for Darwinex itself not replicating the IP without paying fees?

– Alpha producers bring a lot of value to Darwinex and get paid for it. This is fair. But is there room for making them also shadow shareholders of the company?

– Or sales guys who’re good at attracting investors. Is there a way to reward that better than affiliate schemes?

In summary, Darwinex is as much by its customers as it is by its founders. Blockchain offers an opportunity to reward value that suits this model.

Are you a practitioner in the blockchain sphere or know someone who is? Please bring them on so…


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