German Blockchain-Anchored Data Security Company Ubirch Expands to Israel

German blockchain-anchored data security start-up Ubirch is on course for internationalization and is thus consistently pursuing its growth strategy. Source link

US gov't study touts blockchain use in drone tracking

Blockchain technology could be a game changer for the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) industry, a new report has revealed. The report by the U.S. ... Source...

A Detailed Review of Blockchain Firm “VeChain” & Its Core Functionalities

VeChain's Blockchain-as-a-Service platform is known as ToolChain, and it caters to the requirements of all the business enterprises irrespective of ... Source link

Aligned Energy CEO: "Technologies such as AI, IoT, VR, and blockchain will call for...

Aligned Energy CEO: "Technologies such as AI, IoT, VR, and blockchain will call for considerably more compute". Aligned Energy sounds like an electric ... Source link...

Nuclear Power and Blockchain, Crypto Exchanges Boost Hiring + More News

Blockchain news. The Chinese nuclear industry is tentatively looking at blockchain technology adoption proposals, reports media outlet The Paper. In ... Source link

Blockchain May Offer Solutions to Fighting Covid-19

On March 26, I participated in a virtual roundtable convened by the BRI to discuss the potential use of blockchain technologies for public-health ... Source link...

China's State-run Digital Currency DCEP / CBDC Won't Use Blockchain

A blockchain, simply put, is a decentralized ledger. As such, its sustenance requires an incentive mechanism that rewards node operators to run the ... Source link...


Blockchain Announcements. IBM Code Announcements Description. Search all Announcements · Announcement. Tech for good: Hacking the ... Source link

BitPay's New Asia Partnership to Expand Use of Blockchain in International Payments

Specifically, BitPay will add support for its merchant customers to transact in Binance's stablecoin, BUSD, a blockchain-based currency pegged to the ... Source link

Mapping out Israel's blockchain ecosystem

Blockchain startups headquartered in Israel have received approximately $256 million in investment over the past eight years; Starkware, Fsight, ... Source link