TON Community Launches Free Version of Telegram Open Blockchain

Free TON Blockchain and tokens are launching today by the decentralized community, which claims that Telegram needs to step away from the ... Source link

UFC partners with blockchain startup Chiliz to increase fan engagement

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the world's largest mixed martial arts organization, has partnered with blockchain startup Chiliz to increase fan ... Source link

European Commission planning tender for blockchain in international trade

Last week the Directorate for Trade of the European Commission published a “pre-announcement” of a blockchain tender for solutions that facilitate ... Source link

Plastic is killing our oceans, can Blockchain technology help?

German polymer manufacturer Domo, the German company Covestro and the Dutch start-up Circularise are using a Blockchain-powered platform to ... Source link

Becky's Affiliated: Your invite to BSV Academy's “blockchain for provably-fair iGaming” webinar

For those of you who don't know, games built on the blockchain can be verified for fairness by the player, as opposed to having...

Vote Campaign for Klaytn's Token KLAY on Starts May 11

Klaytn, the public blockchain platform developed by Ground X, which is the blockchain affiliate of South Korean Internet giant Kakao, today announced ... Source link

A Consortium Blockchain-Based Agricultural Machinery Scheduling System

The consortium blockchain-based system eliminates the central server in the traditional way, optimizes the matching function and scheduling ... Source link

Blockchain to Secure Contactless Payments

Blockchain, which keeps track of all transactions, makes an excellent tool for financial services, particularly contactless payments. The global payment ... Source link

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) Market to Hit USD 24.94 Bn by 2027; Rising Demand for …

Blockchain technology is emerging as an optimal solution to many of the challenges faced by SMEs such as access to trade financing, bank loans,...

Save the date: Blockchain Gamer LIVE! Digital online-only conference, July 13-17

As this conference is all about blockchain, topics will range from the very basics of blockchain to investment trends in the industry. You'll be...