SIMBA Chain wins another $1.5m blockchain project from US Navy

Today blockchain startup SIMBA Chain said it won a $1.5 million Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract awarded by the U.S. ... Source link...

This Indiana disruptor is bringing the US military into the blockchain age

SIMBA Chain has been tasked to design and build a blockchain-based demand sensing solution for the Defense Logistics Agency, which provides ... Source link

How Blockchain minimizes fraud in the Telangana's chit fund industry

Blockchain is a good answer for chit funds management, especially more so for state governments too. Implementation of such an emerging technology ... Source link

Only 1 in 4 US adults have idea what blockchain is: survey

The survey further found that close to two-thirds equate blockchain with digital currencies, with 48% claiming that “blockchain is the same as Bitcoin.”. Source link...

US President-Elect Biden to Nominate MIT Blockchain Professor Gary Gensler as SEC Chairman

During Trump's administration, the former Goldman Sachs banker taught courses on crypto assets and blockchain at MIT Sloan School of ... Source link

SESSIA's Blockchain Platform Experiences a Huge Surge in Business Registrations in the Recent …

LEWES, Del., Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Global blockchain-based marketplace SESSIA experiences a record surge in business ... Source link

How can blockchain support the energy transition?

A blockchain is a ledger too, but one that stores data in encrypted blocks, across a distributed network of computers. No single party controls...

Brian Brooks departs the OCC today

Previously Brooks made clear that he believes the deposit-taking function of incumbent banks will not survive blockchain decentralization. Source link

Blockchain Bites: Bitcoin Trades Sideways as US Inflation Is Muted

Blockchain Bites: Bitcoin Trades Sideways as US Inflation Is Muted. The line of sight on U.S. inflation is anything but clear after the Labor...

As the SEC Launches Crypto Office, Blockchain Security Brings Out Its Big Guns

Blockchain is secure, but digital assets can be stolen. For those less acquainted with the cryptocurrency industry, this development raises several ... Source link