ID cards are controversial and not universally popular.
1.1 Billion globally do not have a formal ID according to ConsenSys
2.8 billion consumer data records were exposed at an estimated cost of more than $654 billion in 2018.
Zug in Switzerland there eID system using Blockchain technology allows residents to vote using their mobile phones
Blockchain platform personally data could be held much more securely and hashed so that the information could be anonymised i.e. used without revealing the unique person.
One Government one data base would be more efficient and cheaper than a multitude of numbers and references for citizens i.e., Passport, driving license, National Insurance, NHS, Unique Tax Reference.
UN has recently launched the ID2020 Alliance 1. Define the parameters for good an ethical digital identity system, 2. Responsible for funding and implementing digital identity projects with a social good mindset.
Korea a project for driving licenses on a Blockchain
Estonia now…


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