GBBC member Blockchain Technology Partners’ Founder & CEO Duncan Johnston-Watt presented alongside Jay Williams, CTO of Quantum Materials Corp. on their platform to tackle the $1.8 trillion criminal counterfeit industry.  

Together, BTP and QMC have developed a production-ready blockchain platform to tackle counterfeiting in high-value supply chains by tracking nanoscale optical signatures, which are embedded into materials during the production process. The blockchain, cloud, and nanotechnology-based solution makes extensive use of DAML, GBBC member Digital Asset’s smart contract programming language, Hyperledger Sawtooth, and BTP’s blockchain management platform, Sextant.

This webinar is part of the GBBC Virtual Members Forum, a bi-weekly webinar series taking place every even-numbered Thursday to highlight the work of leading companies in the blockchain space through open town halls and presentations.


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