The applications of blockchain technology in the supply chain industry is enormous. It improves and enhances the tracking of goods in transit and tracing provenance. Tune in to learn more about blockchain applications from the expert panel at Genesis DevCon.

The Panel:
Sanjeev Narsipur — Managing Director, Accenture
Raghavendra Deshmukh — Director — Blockchain, SAP
Jayasankar Pillai — Associate Partner, IBM
Moderator: Mohan Ramaswamy — Co-Founder, Terrago Logistics Pvt Ltd

Points discussed:

If you’re stepping into the supply chain landscape with blockchain technology, ensure that it is not a use case that force-fits blockchain.

Figure out the ROI for blockchain implementation.

Industry standards and regulations are shaping the way blockchain can be implemented in supply chains well before blockchain regulations have been set.

IoT, AI and 5G technologies working in Tandem with blockchains can revolutionise the supply chain industry as we know it

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