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Much of the conversation around predicting the BTC price through 2020 and beyond hinges on the effect of the Bitcoin mining reward halving set to take place in May will have. Some believe it will have no effect at all, while others are betting big on this. If history is to be taken into consideration, the Bitcoin price should reach a new high of $400,000 following the event.

Following the first halving in November 2012, Bitcoin’s price increased from a $2.01 bottom to the top of $270.94 – a 13,000 percent increase. The second halving, in July of 2016, saw Bitcoin (BTC) go from a bottom of $164.01 a top of $20,074 – a similar increase of 12,000 percent. With this in mind, if Bitcoin moves similarly after May’s halving, investors can expect the price of the coin to reach as high as $400,000.

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