01:16 Market Update
01:51 Bitcoin Halving & US Debt on Forbes
04:56 Dan Morehead Tweet (BTC to $100k+)
05:36 Pantera Capital Investor Letter
06:05 TomoX Hark Fork & Giveaway
06:55 TOMO AMA on May 12
07:43 Chiliz CHZ and UFC Partnership


Bitcoin Halving in 5 Days

Bitcoin expected over $110,000 in Aug 2021

With the Upcoming Tomochain Excalibur HardFork we are giving $20 in TOMO to one Lucky Altcoin Buzz Subscriber till the 12th of May on all of Mattie’s Videos. Winners selected, prizes sent and sponsored by Coingecko. So Subscribe and leave a comment with your TomoChain Wallet address in it for a chance to…


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