OPM Wealth:

Compared to the Bitcoin price analysis of the previous two weeks, this weekend has been relatively relaxed for Cryptocurrency traders. On Saturday the BTC price came within $10 of $10,000 before pulling back to $9,794.

Despite the inability to hold above $9,900, the shorter timeframe also shows Bitcoin (BTC) price painting higher lows since the drop on Feb. 19 to $9,352 and the price is also holding well above the 20-MA of the Bollinger Bands indicator. A high volume surge could easily push the price to the upper Bollinger band arm at $10,126 but Bitcoin would still have some challenges ahead.

If Bitcoin can hold the $9,850 support and push above $9,883, we could see the price rise to $10,200 as it is currently sandwiched between VPVR nodes at $10,210 and $9,892. In an earlier analysis, Cointelegraph contributor Keith Waring explained that $10,000 is a less important level to attain when considering that a significant resistance at…


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