1:13 How do you think the Covid-19 coronavirus has affected bitcoin?
2:29 People have spoken about btc as being a safe haven asset, do you think it has proved to be such?
3:48 BTC seems to be climbing slowly, pushing 8k, is this because of the upcoming Bitcoin halving?
5:16 How will miners survive after the halving?
6:58 Looking at how traditional markets have crashed, and the price of oil, what is bitcoin’s intrinsic value?
9:49 What do you think will happen to the price after the halving?
11:01 You’ve also spoken of bitcoin’s annual inflation dropping, and therefore adoption isn’t necessary to sustain the price. Can you explain what you mean by this?
13:46 We’ve seen what’s happened to the price of oil, which asset do you think will drop to zero next?
14:32 And you have recently started your now business quantum economics, tell us about this? What is the goal?
16:07 It says on your website, in this climate if you’re not investing, you are losing money….


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