Bitcoin Halving 2020 is coming up. What is Bitcoin Halving and How will the next BTC halving be different? Here is the Answer – Bitcoin Halving is the phenomenon by which the miner reward keep on halving, or decrease by 50% after every four years, which happens after mining 210,000 blocks – roughly every four years. After having, the bitcoin mining reward gets halved and the miners receive 50% fewer bitcoins for verifying blocks. This event is very important to the Bitcoin traders and the cryptocurrency space as they reduce the number of new Bitcoins being generated by the network.

The crypto space is filled with enthusiasm as they feel Bitcoin might grow exponentially, after the halving event. The Fundstrat founder, Tom Lee predicts Bitcoin to deliver 100% returns to investors in 2020. There happens to be bullish prediction by others too on the orange coin as they predict an all-time high post the event. There’s another prediction by a crypto analyst, Plan B, who believes…


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