Bitcoin traders were waiting for the price to drop to the support at $9,500 but this was not to be. Instead of dropping further, the price stabilized at the $9,800 level and continued its upward momentum. However, the next hurdle is the $10,400 area where Bitcoin currently finds resistance.

Miners now keep running the remaining old machines since a high bitcoin price at the moment (above $10,000 since the weekend) keeps such operations profitable, while waiting for new models to be delivered. While most mining farms remain open during the Chinese New Year, there have been incidents where mining farms were shut by local governments due to the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak.

Sharding to Scale Ethereum 2.0 which is a database scaling solution. There are two reasons for which a database might need scaling. Too much load and too much data. In these cases, the database can be sharded.

Litecoin Foundation revealed that they entered into a strategic partnership with Cred to offer interests…


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