➡️ TEEKA TIWARI – Investment of the Decade:

Former Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager Raoul Pal Says he’s preparing for Bitcoin (BTC) to hit $1,000,000 in as little as three years.

In the latest economic report from Global Macro Investor, Pal covers a litany of devastating figures on the state of economies around the world, from rapidly rising unemployment numbers in the US to plummeting retail sales in China. He says a sharp V-shaped recovery is highly unlikely.

“I think that growth will not recover meaningfully from this massive economic hit. I think the narrative of hope is false hope. I would handicap a U-shaped recovery at 30%. I’d handicap a full debt deflation at 70%. Yeah. 70%.”

He expects baby boomers to “sell every rally they can to protect their last, rapidly diminishing nest egg.” After that, he predicts boomers will stop spending, triggering slower growth and contributing to a mounting debt crisis. According to Pal,…


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