A popular narrative revolving around the Bitcoin ( BTC ) halving is that it may trigger the capitulation of miners. But, it is premature to suggest many miners will shut down in 2020 and bring the price of cryptocurrencies down as a result. Some industry executives believe that the price of Bitcoin may drop following the May 11 halving . After the block rewards of Bitcoin miners get cut in half, their revenues also drop substantially. Typically, it affects overleveraged and small miners, forcing them to shut down their machines. Digital Asset Manager Charles Edwards said :This will be the most brutal Bitcoin Halving in history. Production cost is about to double to $14,000. 70% above the current price. During the last halving, the price was just 10% below Production cost, and Price & HR collapsed -20%. Without FOMO now, expect a big miner capitulation. 30%+A widespread theory is that as miners capitulate, they will begin to sell Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency exchange market and…


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