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The First Bitcoin Price Prediction Ever Made

According to Blockstream founder and cypherpunk, Adam Back, Hal Finney’s $10 million BTC price prediction isn’t so far fetched, though, the reasons behind these levels may not be as apparent as you may think.

When it comes to any Bitcoin prediction, crypto analysts often tout the most hyperbolic and over-inflated projections imaginable. From the more modest end of the spectrum at around $10,000, toward the virtually inconceivable heights of $10 million, valuations within this space can vary wildly.

Regardless, some augers of these seemingly aggrandized Bitcoin (BTC) price points do sometimes offer a reasonable explanation to support them. Currently circulating its way around the ecosystem are some of the earliest price predictions ever made, and per Back, they may well come to fruition.

Merely a week after the mining of bitcoin’s genesis block, Hal Finney opined that BTC…


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